Let’s get you started


How to use Wellness Call? 

  1. Call us at 888-628-6284 or email us at customercare@wellnesscallllc.com
  2. Tell us about your problems
  3. We will get you to the right place with the right information

It is really that easy.

What happens?

If you need to speak to a doctor we will have you on the phone with a doctor in minutes. Our doctors can prescribe antibiotics, ointments, and other drugs as needed. They are also available to offer advice. You can choose to use video to discuss your situation if that would help.

Anything else?

There are many other things we can do for you. Just ask. We have helped people negotiate medical debt, get lab tests, MRI’s, find alternative medicines…. we are here to help you. So just ask.

Send an email to customercare@wellnesscallllc.com with any questions or concerns you have.